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Collecting Points with Isabel’s

Earn point rewards every time you shop direct with us. You must create an account to be able to store the points earned.  You can redeem your points as discounts in future purchases.

Earning Points

Earn 4 points for every £1 you spend shopping online.

Points Value

1 point is worth 0.5p (so 500 points equals £2.50 off your shopping).

When can I start earning points?

You can start collecting points straight away by registering in our online store.

Can I spend my points in any time?

The points can be spent in 500 points blocks.

Where can I see the points earned for each product?

When you select your ‘Order By:’ option the points earned will be displayed above the product price.

Points Calculation

Points are calculated on your transaction total, that’s after any discounts.

Point Trials

From time to time we may introduce points trials and the number of points you can collect may change. If this happens, we’ll let you know.

Can I pay for my entire shop with points?

As the points are spent in blocks 500 points, you can spend up to the nearest £2.50 of your shop using your points.

Where do I see my current points?

Please click ‘Points’ on your my account dashboard to see your current points total.