1.1. What these terms cover. When you sign up to an Isabel’s ShopWise Free Delivery membership (‘ShopWise’), you agree to these Terms & Conditions, which include Isabel’s Cuisine Ltd privacy policy and Isabel’s Terms & Conditions: Purchase (Consumer) (‘Terms’). These Terms & Conditions were most recently updated on [16/03/2018].

1.2. Why you should read them. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before signing up for a ShopWise membership. By purchasing ShopWise you are agreeing to the Terms which will apply to all purchases when using your ShopWise membership. These Terms tell you who we are, how we will provide products to you, how you and we may change or end your membership to ShopWise, what to do if there is a problem and other important information. If you think that there is a mistake in these Terms & Conditions or require any changes, please contact us on 01274 669878 to discuss further.


2.1. Who we are? This website is operated by Isabel’s Cuisine Limited (‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) a company registered in England and Wales. Our Company registration number is: 5492247. Registered address: 1 Victoria Court, Bank Square, Morley, Leeds. LS27 9SE.

2.2. How to contact us. You can contact us by telephoning our Customer Service team at 01274 669878 or by emailing us at [email protected] or by writing: Isabel’s Cuisine Ltd, Commerce Court, Challenge Way, Cutler Heights Lane, Bradford. BD4 8NW.


3.1 ShopWise consists of two options, Quarterly Plan and ShopWise Annual Plan membership. 3.2 The ShopWise Quarterly Plan membership grants you Free Delivery on your purchases and from time to time you’ll enjoy members only discount.

3.3 The ShopWise Annual Plan membership gives you Free Delivery, plus 10% off discount on your purchases as well as from time to time the members only discount.

3.4 ShopWise is only available to Isabel’s customers in UK Mainland.

3.5 You must have an Isabel’s online account to use your ShopWise membership. We reserve the right to accept or refuse membership to ShopWise at our discretion.

3.6 You accept and acknowledge that the benefits and discounts offered will be available to you once you purchase goods from ‘Isabel’s Cuisine Ltd’ using your ShopWise membership.

3.7 Your membership to ShopWise is subject to fair usage terms set out below. When you sign up to a ShopWise, you acknowledge and accept that:
(a) ShopWise may only be used by the named account holder and is not transferable;
(b) we reserve the right to monitor your usage of ShopWise membership; which is subject to fair usage terms of 1 to 2 orders per month.
(c) orders are limited to a maximum weight 10kgs to either type of ShopWise membership purchased;
(d) we may limit the number of orders or quantities of products supplied to you if, in our opinion, the quantity of products or number of orders jeopardises availability for other ShopWise customers;
(e) you will observe and comply with these Terms and Isabel’s Cuisine Terms & Conditions: Purchase (Consumer); and
(f) Isabel’s Cuisine reserves the right to request proof that you are associated with your delivery address(es).


4.1. ShopWise membership fee. Your membership fee will be the fee displayed on the Isabel’s website at the time you purchase your ShopWise membership or when your membership is renewed. The membership fee is non-refundable except as expressly set out below. The membership fee does not change during the period of your membership but may change on renewal of your membership.

4.2. How we calculate and make changes to your ShopWise membership fee. We reserve the right to change the membership fee for future renewals or memberships from time to time. Your initial membership fee will depend on the type of membership and payment option you choose. Subsequent membership fees will be based on your use of frequency of our services. This means that on renewal of your membership, your membership fee may increase or reduce depending on how frequently you use our services. Changes to your membership fee will not take effect until after the end of your initial membership period. We will contact you by email giving you 28 days’ notice of any change in your membership fee before they take effect. Unless you inform us that you wish to cancel your membership prior to this, your continued membership of ShopWise constitutes your acceptance of these changes. The payment card we have on record for you will be used to collect the new membership fee. If you do not agree to any fee changes, then you must cancel your membership prior to any membership fee changes taking effect, by calling our customer services on 01274 669878.

4.3. ShopWise Membership period. Your membership will begin on the date we send you an email confirming that your membership has been activated. Your membership will expire on the day before the date your membership was activated. For example, if your annual ShopWise membership started on 1st January then it shall expire on 31st December, unless such a date does not exist. If this is the case, then the renewal date will become the previous calendar day.

4.4. Automatic renewal of your ShopWise membership. Your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your initial term in accordance with the type of membership you purchased (e.g.: Quarterly Plan or Annual Plan). We will contact you by email to remind you of this 28 day prior to the relevant renewal date. Unless you notify us before the renewal date that you wish to cancel your membership or do not want to automatically renew, you understand that your membership will automatically renew and you authorise us to collect the then-applicable membership fee from the payment card we have on record for you. Your initial sign up to purchase ShopWise is an authorisation for us to use this payment card. If, before renewal, you decide to cancel your ShopWise membership or you do not want to automatically renew, please contact us on 01274 669878.

4.5. ShopWise Membership is for your use only. ShopWise Free Delivery membership may only be used by the named account holder and is not transferable. You may not transfer or assign your membership or the benefits of such membership.

4.6 If you change your mind. You have the right to change your mind and cancel your ShopWise membership within 14 days (counted from the day after your membership is activated according to clause 4.3 above) provided you have not used your membership in that time. If you do decide to cancel, you must contact us on 01274 669878 and we will issue you with a full refund for the cost of the membership fee.

4.7. How to end your ShopWise membership. If you wish to cancel your membership at any other time just login into your account to cancel. You can also contact us on 01274 669878.


5.1 Free Deliveries on all your purchases, however these must NOT exceed the weight of 20kgs.
Please note that:
(a) ShopWise membership is available to UK Mainland addresses only.
(b) Order will be processed within 24 hours of you placing the order (Monday – Friday). Orders are despatched on our standard delivery service (3-5 days).
(c) We can offer and express Next Day delivery from Mon-Thurs, but this service is not included in the membership. However, you may purchase the express service at Isabel’s applicable rates. Please call us direct on 01274 669878 – the express delivery service is only available for order placed before noon.

5.2. Christmas and festive seasons delivery. For guaranteed delivery during the Christmas period all order should arrive with us as soon as possible at the start of December. But to avoid disappointments your order should arrive with us between the 10th December to 14th December 2018 inclusive (‘Christmas period’). Please note that:
(a) You may book a maximum of 1 delivery during the Christmas period, because of how busy this period is for everyone, of which we request that your order arrives with us no later than the 17th December and not after.
(b) Although we will prioritise your Christmas delivery, we cannot guarantee delivery during the Christmas period, as it is subject to availability.

5.3. Discounts and offers. Members will receive discount from time to time, excluding sales items and occasionally special discounts for members only on selected products subject to the following:
(a) The 10% off discount offered on Annual Plan as part of your ShopWise shall be applied to all products, excluding sales items.
(b) From time to time you will also receive special discount offers on our products range which will be available to members only.
(c) If a product is subject to a promotional offer on the Isabel’s website (for example: buy one & get one free) you will receive the larger discount of the two, but not both. For example, if we calculate that you will receive a larger saving from the promotional offer than the 10% off discount offered via the ShopWise, then the promotional price will be applied (and not the ShopWise discount).
(d) Your membership will be activated after your first payment has been received and confirmation email has been sent. All orders received after this date will have the ShopWise discount (s) applied as appropriate.

5.4. Isabel’s newsletter subscription. You will be eligible to receive an electronic copy of the Isabel’s monthly newsletter.


6.1. Your Isabel’s ShopWise membership DOES NOT:
(a) Commit you to buying a set number of products from us.
(b) Guarantee you a Next Day delivery; or
(c) Guarantee that the products within the Shopwise membership will be in stock.


6.1b. Your Isabel’s ShopWise membership will:
(a) Restrict the number of orders you may purchase per month, subject to fair usage terms (see 3.7 for details);
(b) Restrict the total weight of the goods purchased.

6.2 Charges to orders before your Shopwise membership is activated. Orders placed before a ShopWise membership is activated will be subject to Isabel’s delivery charges applicable at that time.


7.1. Providing products to you. All orders that make use of your ShopWise must comply with the Isabel’s Terms & Conditions: Purchase (Consumers), including any minimum purchase order requirements after the relevant ShopWise discounts have been deducted.

7.2. We may change products available to ShopWise members. Products to which the ShopWise benefits apply will be shown to you at the time you become a member. We reserve the right to remove or add products to which the ShopWise benefits apply from time to time at our sole discretion. For example, if a product is delisted or discontinued, then it will be removed from the products available to ShopWise members.

7.3. Products are subject to availability. Products offered to ShopWise members are subject to availability and prevailing market conditions.

7.4 Non-availability of a product. If you order a product that is unavailable, we will identify at the time of the order, offer you a substitute item and give you the opportunity to accept or reject the item at that time. If you reject any substitution, we will refund the amount you have been charged for any substitute.


8.1. Changes or withdrawal of your ShopWise benefits. We reserve the right to change or withdraw your ShopWise benefits (or any element of them) at any time. Isabel’s Cuisine will contact you by email giving you 28 days’ notice of any material change to your membership benefits before they take effect.

8.2. What you can do if we change your ShopWise benefits. If you feel that a change to your ShopWise membership benefits is to your disadvantage, then please contact us on 01274 669878. Otherwise, your continued membership after we notify you shall constitute your acceptance of our these changes which will become effective at the end of the relevant notice period. Isabel’s Cuisine will not be liable for any losses resulting from any changes to, or termination or withdrawal of, any ShopWise benefits.


9.1 We may terminate your ShopWise membership. We reserve the right to monitor usage of your ShopWise membership and to terminate such membership (upon notice) if we believe, in our sole discretion that:
(a) The membership is being used in breach of these Terms & Conditions, including without limitation, the fair usage terms (see 3.5 for details); or
(b) You engage in conduct that involves fraud or misuse of a ShopWise membership or is harmful to other customers’ interests.

9.2 We may suspend your ShopWise membership: We reserve the right to suspend your ShopWise membership if:
(a) Orders are not paid for in full or your bank declines payment on your bank card (and as a result money is owing to Isabel’s Cuisine); and/or
(b) The payment card is unavailable (in that we cannot successfully charge the applicable renewal fee).

9.3. We may activate your ShopWise membership on receipt of outstanding monies. Your ShopWise membership shall not become active again until such time as the outstanding balance has been paid in full and / or you change or update your payment card details to a card that can successfully be charged the applicable renewal fee.

9.4. We may forfeit your ShopWise membership during the period we suspend your membership. If your ShopWise membership is suspended, then your renewal dates will remain the same when your ShopWise membership becomes active again. That is, you will forfeit the use of your ShopWise membership during the period your ShopWise membership is suspended. For example, an annual ShopWise membership starting on 1st January which is subsequently suspended on 1st March and activated on 1st April, will expire at the end of December.

9.5. No refunds will be given. In the case of termination or suspension by Isabel’s Cuisine under clauses 9.1 and 9.2 above, you shall not be entitled to receive a refund of the relevant membership fee.


10.1. Information about ShopWise and marketing communications. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you confirm your consent to receive from us emails providing information about ShopWise. Your marketing communication preferences are managed through your Isabel’s account. If you do not want to receive marketing emails, please contact our customer services on 01274 669878.

10.2. Where we deliver. Delivery may be made to any of the addresses specified in your Delivery address book in your Account Settings. You must notify us if you move home so that we can ensure that deliveries are made to the correct address.

10.3. Even if we delay in enforcing these Terms & Conditions, we can still enforce them later. If we delay in taking steps against you as a result of you breaching these Terms, it will not prevent us from taking steps against you at a later date.

10.4. Laws applying to these Terms & Conditions and where you may bring legal proceedings. These Terms are governed by English law. You and Isabel’s Cuisine Ltd may bring legal proceedings in respect of these Terms and any disputes in connection with it, in the English courts.

10.5. Our right to change these Terms. Isabel’s Cuisine Ltd reserves the right to make improvements or changes to these Terms at any time (including without limitation the correction of errors, omissions, inaccuracies or ambiguities and to meet legal or regulatory requirements). If you order goods after we have published any changes you will be bound by those changes. Accordingly, you should check prior to each order to ensure that you understand the precise Terms applicable to your purchase. To assist you in determining whether these Terms have changed since your most recent order we will display the date when these Terms were most recently updated.

10.6. If the court finds part of these Terms illegal, the remainder will continue in force. Each paragraph of these Terms operates separately. If any of the courts or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will continue in full force and effect.