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Top Tips – Gluten Free Baking Equipment

Which pieces of baking equipment should you buy for your gluten free kitchen? I would say, invest in the best equipment your money can buy. Good quality and long-lasting items are a pleasure to use every time you bake and cook. The checklist below of baking tools are my suggestions of some basics items I couldn’t do without.

Digital Kitchen Scale (Battery Powered)

Accuracy is key in any baking; a good set of scales are necessary for measuring out added ingredients. This is an extremely handy tool when baking gluten free. Our recipes often include oil, milk, egg or other liquid ingredients, so I would strongly suggest that use a scale for measuring these ingredients for best results. Unfortunately baking with a cup measurement will not give you the same results. For example; an egg can weigh anywhere from 40 g – 74 g. Every gram of egg makes a significant difference in the end results, especially when baking gluten free.

Measuring spoons

People often under or overestimate the size of a teaspoon or tablespoon. Measuring spoons ensure an accurate amount is used. If you like to use American recipes, it’s also worth buying a set of measuring cups to avoid tricky conversions.

Baking trays

Choosing heavy-duty trays and cake pans will help keep the heat and produce better results on your gluten free baked items. Use the correct tin size and shape stated in the recipe, or cooking times will need to be adjusted. If you don’t have non-stick trays or tins, you can use baking parchment (not grease-proof).

Mixing bowls

It’s useful to have at least one large mixing bowl. Choose glass, metal or plastic according to your preference, but it’s worth having a heatproof one, so that you can use it in the microwave or over simmering water.

Rolling pin

For really even results make sure the pin is wide enough to fully cover the width of dough you are rolling out.

Food mixer or/and food processor

These are not an essential piece of equipment. However, it is incredibly useful and it does save time and minimise effort.


You can bake well in any oven, whether it is gas, electric, oil or solid fuel. But baking times may need to be adjusted. Please buy an oven thermometer to check the accuracy of your oven’s temperature. Not having the correct oven temperature will affect the results of your baking. Too hot and your Dough Balls will rise side-ways, become hard and be uncooked inside. The correct oven temperature will produce Dough Balls well-baked and beautifully spherical.

Le Creuset casseroles

This is also not an essential piece of equipment. But cast iron is one of the best heat conductors and is known for being able to withstand and maintain high temperatures. This oven proof heavy base pan is also amazing for baking gluten free breads, helping keep in moisture and producing magnificent loaves. Worth spending a little extra money on as this piece of equipment is durable and will last a life time.


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