Isabel’s gluten free gravy granules discontinued

Dear valued customers,

As you will have noticed our gravy granules is out of stock and unfortunately this item will not be coming in stock or as part of our product range during 2019. Morrisons has delisted the item last October to pursue their own brand and as we small company we are unable to keep the gravy granules production going without the help of a large supermarket for distribution.
This is because the gravy production is very large and the shelf life quite short and we would not be able to sell the entire production before the shelf life run out.

If you shop with Morrisons and are not happy with their decision, then the best course of line would be to write to their Free From buyer at their head office in Bradford to register your complaint directly. I know that there are quite a few customers who have written to them already and if enough people do so, they may reconsider their decision.

I have tried my very best to keep the product in stock for as long as we could as we all know that this was a great product. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this might cause you.



11 thoughts on “Isabel’s gluten free gravy granules discontinued

  1. Joanne Alm says:

    I’m gutted about this as I love your gluten free gravy

  2. Wendy Prebble says:

    Very disappointed to discover Morrison’s has stopped stocking your gravy granules which are far superior to any other variety we have tried. I did suspect what had happened when I saw their own selection on the shelf, which I shall not be buying.

  3. Karen H says:

    I’m also so sorry to hear the discontinuation of your far superior GF product. Very disappointing. For us all. Like others have said, Morrisons own brand is just awful in comparison to yours. Isabel, I wish you continued success and I hope your product gets another chance one day. I will be writing to Morrison’s to that effect.
    Kind regard

  4. Mrs Jane Hanna says:

    I contacted Morrison to ask them to bring back your gravey , its really nice and the only one that doesn’t contain corn which is one of my daughter’s intolerances along with wheat ,egg and many other things , its taste really nice. I wish they would bring it back.

  5. Debbie Mcgarry says:

    Omg I can’t tell you how disappointed I am!!
    I love my gravy and yours was better than my original one!!!!
    I feel like we are being punished just because we cannot tolerate gluten
    It’s so unfair, there’s no alternative on the market that compares to yours.

  6. Karen Telford says:

    Absolutely disgusting that Morrison have taken this of the shelf not interested in what the customer wants used to buy this all the time as I have celiac and can’t eat wheat so was great for my stomach tried their own make and was absolutely disgusting had to put a pound of mince in the bin and granules to waste of my money

  7. Tracy Robertson says:

    This is rubbish (for us) for you I’m so sorry.
    This is the best GF gravy ever. Morrisons GF gravy is horrible, my daughter is only 9 and has coeliac this is the only gravy she will eat.
    I feel an abundance of letters winging there way to Morrisons. Grr.

  8. Karen Telford says:

    Loved this it was the only one I could use as can’t eat anything with wheat tried all the other gluten free ones and they were disgusting don’t know what I’m going to do now

  9. catherine walsh says:

    I have been looking for Isabels gravy granules for a while now and am so disappointed to read that you can no longer provide it due to the supermarkets wanting to peruse their own brand. I’ve tried their own brand and it is inferior to Isabel’s. I know that profit is their main consideration but they have to appreciate that consumers have their favourite products that they cant always replicate. I have also noticed that a lot of the gluten free brands who provided Coeliacs with much needed alternatives have been squeezed out by supermarkets providing their own version. My casseroles are not the same without them and I want to support a business that has truly good gluten free alternatives.


  10. P.M.Pattinson says:

    So sorry to hear about the gravy granules – I have used it since I was diagnosed and it is very good.

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