You deserve great
food at a fair price

Start saving with our ShopWise Membership.
Receive all your orders with free delivery.

How it Works

With ShopWise we offer Free Delivery on your orders. Receive up to 25% off discounts from time to time on our products, offers available to members only. Plus, with the Annual Plan you will also receive a 10% off discount on your purchases too.

Benefit to Isabel’s

Clearly this reduces our margins, so why would we offer this service? To help our customers to get hold of our product at a fair price, whilst helping safeguard our products production and better manage the expected demand.

Benefit to you, our Customer


Why take out a ShopWise Membership? Well, because you can receive regular orders of our quality products with Free Delivery. That’s right – no delivery cost on top of your orders. Plus, generous discounts from time to time and with the Annual Plan you will receive a 10% off discount on all our products.

As an example, if you currently buy, say, £35 of our lovely products every 2 months, you will typically be paying £9.10 for each delivery, making your annual cost of:

6 x (£35 + £9.10) = £264.60

Now, with an Annual ShopWise membership of £60, your £35 order with a 10% discount comes to £31.50, and your equivalent annual cost would be:

(6 x £31.50) + £60 = £249

So, with Isabel’s ShopWise Membership you can save money and receive our products with no extra delivery charges on a regular basis.

Choose a Plan

1. ShopWise Quarterly Plan

Free Delivery, Plus discounts from time to time

£15.00 every 3 monthsAdd to Basket

2. ShopWise Annual Plan

Free Delivery, Plus 10% off discount

£60.00 / yearAdd to Basket

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